The Articles Of Confederation And The Constitution Essay

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Creating a new U.S Constitution was a key aspect of making the government balanced between power and liberty. The Articles of Confederation is one example of a bad document that was not giving the national government the power that was mandatory for running the country. In creating a new U.S Constitution many troubles arose, but were solved thus making the Constitution a strong document.
The Articles of Confederation had a lot of problems that needed to be fixed. One problem was that the Articles of Confederation gave no power to the national government. Congress had no power to tax and there was no Executive branch to enforce any of the laws congress made. When the Articles of Confederation was written, many of the people were terrified that if the national government had too much power that America’s government would become like Great Britain’s government. The Article of Confederation had no way of handling problems like Shay’s rebellion, where American farmers got angry at the enforcement of taxes on started an uprising.
A new Constitution was needed to solve the problems of the Articles of Confederation. The people who led the change of the new Constitution are James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, and Thomas Jefferson. The main writer of the Constitution is Thomas Jefferson, along with James Madison. Alexander Hamilton helped promote and interpret the Constitution. These three people along with others felt the need to create a new Constitution instead of just revising…

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