Essay on The Article ' Why Study Literature?

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As human beings, we rely tremendously on communicating through writing. We need literature to understand what message is intended by the writer. People will gain more insight and know more information about the past and present if we study literature. Sometimes a memorable concrete object will help us to keep information in our minds longer. Many people in this time period remember people, events, lessons and lifelong highlights more effectively by something we can see or touch. It enables us to remember and can reflect on past experiences more easily than simply by reading literature.
The article “Why Study Literature?” by Steve R. Hake, outlines what literature is, its benefits, and various ways it has been shaped over time. It gives Christian reasons, from the perspective of a professor, why everybody should be more interested in literature. It also gives practical, personal lessons for our daily life that we can learn from literature. The central point in this article is that literature is applicable, even essential to all areas of life, and should be appreciated and addressed more in this day and age. Literature is indispensable because it brings meaning and practical applications to daily life , deepens our thoughts, and teaches us important lessons.
When we read fables about kindness and love, we apply them to our own lives by showing acts of love to our friends or strangers we meet by writing a letter or holding the door open for them. This act of kindness can be…

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