The Article ' What Is The Age Of Responsibility? By Alan Greenblatt, And When Does Responsibility Begin

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In the article “What is the Age of Responsibility? By Alan Greenblatt, and “When Does Responsibility Begin? 16? 18? 21?” by NPR host Neal Conan, both have deep discussions about laws concerning the age you should be considered an adult. In the path of growing up, adolescents either gain, or have thrust upon them a heavy range of responsibilities. To most people it makes very little sense to be able to vote, enlist in the military and even become a parent, but not be able to consume an alcoholic beverage. We first give sixteen year olds the responsibility to drive. Then at 18 year olds we throw at them the right to marry, vote, join the military, go to jail, adopt a child, sign a contract, and even become a homeowner. This has become an ongoing debate wither we should lower the drinking age to take the ‘forbidden’ element out of drinking, or to leave it as it is so that binge drinking doesn’t become a problem for 16 to 17 year olds. This is why there isn’t one age for responsibility, and that we progressively give adults more and more responsibilities, and not just all at once. To begin with, most people dislike the idea of sharing the road with a sixteen year old, but they also don’t want to drive along an 88 year old. Most people want to move the age in which you can start to drive but then when it comes to being too old to drive most people don’t want to give up the right they earned to drive. For example in NPR’s article Alan Greenblatt says “Well, that 's right. I mean,…

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