Essay on The Article, Social Connections By Steven Johnson

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The article, Social connections by Steven Johnson who is the author of several books, describes the modern American society with a little nostalgia. Johnson wrote the article in response to an article by Thomas Friedman in the New York Times that talks about the social disconnect that people face in the world today. The response by Johnson is aim at disputing what Friedman wrote by bringing another perspective. This essay will critique the article by Johnson and prove that he is more accurate than Friedman about the fading importance of face-to-face communication.
Johnson starts by letting the reader know that he is responding to Thomas Friedman. He refers indirectly to the article by Friedman. For example, he narrate how Friedman wrote about his journey in a taxi with a young French speaking African that he never had a chat with him. He was busy writing his notes on the computer while listening to music on the iPod. On the other hand, the taxi driver was busy chatting while he driving (Johnson 413-4). The article reveals the phenomena of the communication technology that exists today. The distance between people that share the same physical space has been made too big while far people has been made closer (Johnson 414). However, Johnson connects the past with the present and connects it to years before the Apple iPod was invented; and on a train journey, he noticed everyone was busy reading his or her newspapers. But there was no public discourse even then. He…

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