The Article ' Rethinking Reading Instruction ' Essay examples

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The article called “Redesigning Reading Instruction” is a very interesting and informative about what we need to change in the reading programs in the classroom. This article talks about three things: what differs but shouldn’t, what is the same, but should differ, and what schools can do. This article addresses the amount of time spent reading individually and even out loud are becoming less and that is not helping our children. Some things that need to be addressed in the classroom are who is choosing the material that is being used for the children to learn. There are three important things that schools can do and they are: prioritize time for reading in the school day, allocate more resources for a wide range of reading materials and let teachers and students decide what to buy, and develop better reading teachers instead of looking for better reading programs. The quote that I choose was “Giving all students, especially those experiencing difficulty, more time to read in school is the most certain way to help all students become more skilled and engaged and even to be more prepared to achieve on standardized tests.” (Ivey) I choose this quote because it made me think about how often I see students in the schools that I teach in read. I think that students should read more and that they should be given more time to read. This quote made me think about how what I have thought about numerous times that the better reader the student the more knowledge they will be able to…

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