The Article ' Preparing Classroom Teachers ' Students ' Physical Activity Needs '

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The article “Preparing Classroom Teachers to Meets Students’ Physical Activity Needs” gives many tips and strategies on how to provide students with physical activity inside and outside of the classroom. The first major point is how difficult it is for classroom teachers to teach something that they had not been specifically trained and taught how to do like physical education. Some schools do not have a physical education teacher so it is up to the classroom teacher to educate the children in this area. Most teachers are ill prepared on topics to teach in physical education since they are only take one course understand and have some knowledge about the different content areas that are taught. Any good teacher would apply their best to be a physical education teacher if they had too. They would just have to take the time to research the content and plan out lessons just like they would have to for subjects that are taught in the classroom. Students and classroom teachers both benefit from when a real physical education teacher is running the class. The teachers benefit for not having to prepare another lesson and not be worried if the students are getting the specifications that are needed. The students also benefit and “are more engaged, have a higher fitness level and have a more positive attitude towards physical activity (Hall).”
The next major point is that schools have taken away or lessened the amount of time that children have for physical education. Schools have…

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