The Article ' Paul Missionary Journey ' Essay

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The article “Paul Missionary Journey” embodied an interesting parallel between Paul and the ministry work of Jesus Christ. Much like Jesus, Paul was led by the Spirit to spread the good news of the gospel to all who were willing to believe. He also encountered much adversity and in some instances he had to flee to avoid his untimely death. Throughout his teaching and evangelizing Paul knew that the end of ministry would be suffered at the hands of Romans, but it did not bother him. In fact, he faced his death with great joy because he knew it was the will of the Father.
Paul First Unofficial Missionary Journey
As Paul is journeying to Damascus to persecute the saints, he has an encounter that changes the course of his life. Since his introduction in Acts 7:58, Saul believed his purpose at that particular time in life was to imprison and kill all who believed in the message of the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. However, on this particular day he comes face to face with the Spirit of God, and it changes his purpose and his character. Dr. Wilson writes, “Paul’s conversion on the road to Damascus became a foundational spiritual experience for his life” (2011, p. 3). His name changed from Saul to Paul, and he is meet by Ananias where is filled with the Holy Spirit and thus begins his new journey in life.
Paul’s First Missionary Journey Once Paul had been converted, he returns to Antioch where he encounters another life changing experience. This event is…

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