The Article ' Orthorexi When Healthy Eating Turns Against You

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The article “Orthorexia: when healthy eating turns against you”, is about a thirteen year old girl, Kaila Prins, Prins began to breakout in hives the summer she turned thirteen which unveiled her diagnosis a soy allergy from infancy. This caused Prins to be more conscious of the ingredients in food she would eat. She soon began removing many different items from her diet with the intention of consuming only healthy foods. Prins also drastically increased the amount of physical activity she did. Although this may sound fantastic, Kaila Prins’ develops an unhealthy obsession with healthy eating and exercise (Oksman). The encouraging comments from those who were not aware of the extent of her obsession motivated her to continue this lifestyle which began to cause extensive damage to her health; she became a vegan which caused her to breakout so badly she was embarrassed to leave the house and she stopped menstruating. Prins became so obsessed with her diet and exercise that if she consumed anything she deemed unhealthy she would feel extremely guilty. She was allowing this obsession to control her life. She realized she had a problem and decided to see a therapist which did not have any success. Kayla Prins knew she was not okay but did not know what it was until she found a book on “Orthorexia nervosa”, which was exactly what she was suffering from. Our motivation to eat food is triggered my our need for energy to allow our bodies to properly function. If your body needs…

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