The Article On Selling Online Asi Four Emerging Grocery Models

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The article “Exporters see dim outlook for growth” connects to the economic setting of Thailand. Exports have been decreasing the past four years. Having decreasing exports means less money going into the economy. Industrial products also decreased by 2%. The government believes that export growth will increase. Low exports can affect foreign exchange decreasing trades with other countries and losing more money. Thailand also has had challenges competing with neighboring countries. The article “Resetting the economy” ties into the economic setting. There is an older population that is starting to have affects on the economy. Labor, saving and consumption are all becoming problems in the economy. One tenth of the population in Thailand is over 60 years old. The Finance Ministry set up the National Saving Fund, which is a pension fund for non-formal workers. By having an aging population is could have an impact on the economy. There would be less people working and buying goods. In the article “Selling online in Asia: four emerging grocery models” discusses how the online grocery market in dramatically increasing in Thailand. The online grocery market can contribute to the economy in a positive way. It would create big profits for the economy in Thailand. With urbanization rising, online grocery market is starting to boom in Thailand. A food retail company deliverer’s food through out Thailand and wants to double its online shopping in the next couple of years. This…

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