The Article On Police Training Essay

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Summary: The Article, How Police Training Contributes to Avoidable Deaths, asserts that a large number of police shootings and uses of force can be attributed to the manner in which police officers are trained. Stoughton (2014) puts this concept into the phrase, “Officers must think beyond the gun belt”. This sentiment is carried throughout the article. Stoughton (2014) starts his article by stating that too many families have been told the news that a family member had been tragically killed by a police officer. Stoughton also shows his knowledge in the field as a former law enforcement officer and current scholar on the subject matter. In the article Stoughton’s attacks some of the themes and statements made to young officers as they go through training and enter the world of law enforcement. This includes the common saying among law enforcement officers, “It is better to be judged by 12 than carried by six. Stoughton (2014) asserts that concepts and statements like this one teaches recruits that every encounter and every individual is a potential threat. Additionally officers are shown extremely violent videos of other officers being beaten and killed after showing a moment of hesitation (Stoughton 2014). Stoughton’s thought is that this classroom training mixed with scenarios like the commonly known “21 foot rule”, engrain an officer’s memory to never hesitate. Stoughton (2014) assert this this leads to officers making hasty decisions and not letting the situation…

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