The Article ' Mind Over Mass Media ' By Steven Pinker Essay

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Take a look at the world’s society in this day and age, now notice that there is some sort of technology in every direction. Technology has become an essential part of the human lifestyle. It has evolved from being items that only certain people could use to now being within the hands of almost anyone, even children. Now some may feel like technology is dangerous and that we are becoming zombies to our screens, but technology is overall beneficial than disruptive to the human lifestyle. Technology has led to many advancements in the science field, which is turned around to help our society.
The main focus of the article “Mind over Mass Media” written by Steven Pinker, is to question if technology is hazardous to humans. Pinker states throughout the whole article that not only is technology not threating, but it is keeping humans intelligent. He admits this because technology gives humans a place to store their knowledge and to grasp what others have spoken. Pinker declares that science and mindful discoveries are constantly being created, which shows that technology is not hazardous to intelligence. He also considers that the era of technology and excessive information does not cause the human brain to rewire because the human brain cannot be reconstructed. After this statement, it is established that experience does not completely modify the human brain, but it adds to it. Pinker assumes that the media places more emphasis on the dangerous effects of technology than how it…

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