The Article ' How Teachers Make Children Hate Reading `` Essay

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The article “How Teachers Make Children Hate Reading” is written by John Holt, an English teacher at Colorado Rocky Mountain School. He discusses the tedious strategy use by himself and his colleagues which tend to destroy students desire to learn the English language and its context. In his article, Holt successfully persuades his audience with the use of ethos and logos appeals to justify his claim that although understanding is essential; it is not what reading is all about.
Holt starts off his argument with personal experience with his sister that leads him into seeing that some teachers do go over the top just to try and make their students learn. He quotes: “My sister was the first person who made me question my conventional ideas about teaching English. She had a son in the seventh grade in a fairly good public school. His teacher has asked the class to read Cooper’s The Deer Slayer” (196). Holt knows “the choice [is] bad enough in itself; whether looking at man or nature, Cooper was superficial, inaccurate and sentimental, and his writing is ponderous and ornate”. With that in mind, he knows that the book is a little more sophisticates for those students and can predict that they would not understand even after “this teacher had decided to give the book the microscope and x-ray treatment” (196). Even though he does not admit it to his sister, being a teacher himself, he let his readers know that the teacher made a mistake. He relates to his readers by recalling on…

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