The Article, Hearing Loss And Music Essays

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While analyzing four scholarly articles regarding my proposal that music benefits health, nearly all the sources were thorough and provided evidence and facts that supported my proposal. The four sources were all found in scholarly academic journals. Two of the articles supported my proposal and the other two displayed issues in music and how it affects our health negatively. An analysis of the strong and weak points of each source is required to derive a sufficient conclusion. In the article, Hearing Loss and Music: Report of Research and an Illustrative Case Study written by L. Fleming Fallon a Professor of Public Health at Bowling Green State University, claims that listening to music has the potential to cause hearing loss or other damage. This article shows the results of a study, which displays the problems of hearing loss when people work in areas with a lot of noise and listen to music while working. The article also displays a study about how long and the levels people listen to music on their personal audio devices and how their hearing was damaged because of it. The result of this study was that the mean loss of hearing for the entire sample was 23.5 decibels. Hearing loss increased over time as they continued to use their device. Similarly, workers at music venues state that they follow the minimal requirements for volume levels, and do not protect their own ears at the venue in the article, Music venues and hearing loss: Opportunities for and barriers to…

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