The Article ' Group Minds ' By Doris Lessing Essay

709 Words Mar 3rd, 2016 3 Pages
The article “Group Minds” written by Doris Lessing, makes the argument that humans in western society are group animals. Group animals with the tendency to conform our thoughts to accommodate the current group rather than our own personalities. Lessing feels that our lack of being able to recognize this conformity will keep us from improving ourselves in society. The authors lack of a psychological background leaves one to believe that Lessing is biased. Lessing’s high school education at an all-girls Roman Catholic school, may have shaped her to view everyone as groups of a high school, cliques. Therefore, the opinions presented in Doris Lessing’s article are given without proper validity creating an unflattering view of western society, and additional credited sources with more information, along with the few possible ideas for improvement, are the missing pieces to making this article exceptional. Lessing’s thesis in the article is that the human race has the information about themselves and the tendency to conform to groups, but we lack the ability to use this information to improve our lives and society. Lessing emphasizes the western populations need to conform with groups, even with the knowledge that they are free to stand out as individuals. Lessing then compares humans to animals with the idea that we adapt our actions and ideas based on who we surround ourselves with. If we become unsatisfied with our surroundings we adapt and hunt for another group with…

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