Essay about The Article ' God After The Holocaust '

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The ones who abandoned their faith during war found peace in other possessions rather than God, but after war, the recovery of the horrors they witnessed came from finding faith again as a stimulus to heal their past. The article “God after the Holocaust” explains that by continuing to deny God’s existence and abandon Him would be admitting defeat to the Nazis. The article stresses that God works in mysterious ways in everyone’s life and the Holocaust is just an event that cannot be justified, but through faith survivors can forget the memories from the Holocaust. The article “God after the Holocaust” argues that survivors’ experiences in the Holocaust taught the survivors valuable lessons that challenge them to trust in God again when it states, “The Holocaust taught us humility, and not to stand by, but to oppose evil. Sometimes, in this, God slips through. The question is, are we willing to settle for these few moments, and what happens the rest of the time in this chaotic world?” (Baron, Shraga). The author stresses that there is no explanation for why the Holocaust happened, but with God a sense of peace and stability can be restored for the survivors if they choose faith over revenge. Wiesel’s recovery after the Holocaust did not come in the form of revenge, but instead in a testimony to challenge others to seek God, even when faced with misunderstanding, in other words when God seems as if He has abandoned them. The survivor’s in the Holocaust recovery through…

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