The Article For The Los Angeles Times By Daniel Levitin Essay

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In Daniel Levitin’s recent article for the Los Angeles Times, Levitin teaches the reader about different types of procrastination and helps the reader prevent the habit of procrastination. Levitin has a very impressive background and has many professions. Levitin is best known as a neuroscientist, a profession that studies the brain and how it influences behavior. On September 22, 2015, Levitin wrote an article for the Los Angeles Times titled “Which kind of procrastinator are you?” Levitin immediately defines what audience he is trying to reach when he says, “…we head back to work or school,” with that audience being students and anyone who has a job. The majority of the article is loaded with interesting facts about procrastination and how it is associated with genetics and the brain. The purpose Levitin has for writing this article is to try to help readers understand how procrastination works and how to solve the problem of procrastination. Levitin’s ability to connect with reader, many persuasive, well thought out facts and advice, and impressive credibility leaves the reader of the article well informed on procrastination and how to try and prevent it.
Levitin is looking to make a connection with the reader at the very beginning of the article when he describes the mindset most people enter the fall in. Then when people look back later in the year, they realize that they did not meet the expectation of their previous mindset. Levitin opens the article by digging…

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