The Article : Cultural Pluralism And Multiculturalism Essay

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The central theme of the article is whether or not America should have a common identity. People come from all over to be together in a land that is known for its freedom. America is known for its diversity and for its unity. So why not make it’s a common Identity? Some would argue this case.

What was the article about?:
The article was about America and debating whether it should have a common identity or not? There are many different points that can lead someone to believe one way or another. Some of the important thing that are argued to make a point in the article are cultural pluralism and multiculturalism. There is a wide range of people with different diversities and backgrounds that some people do not realize that they do not know what they should follow, as far as there origin goes. People are forgetting where they come from when they get to America. They do not realize that most of the beliefs and ideas have come from Europe. America is known to not know western civilization history. It is not taught in a lot of schools. People are not aware of the history of western civilization, if they were aware of it they would understand the beliefs that have come from that part of the worlds and were put together into one land. America is known for being diverse and for the unity that is shown, people are accepting to be together and to coexists with one another.

Due to Europe and the western civilization, America has become a better place. Some counties have abolished…

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