The Article Consequences Of Parental Divorce Essay

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“The article Consequences of Parental Divorce for Child Development by Hyun Sik Kim explores a three-stage model and the effects of divorce during childhood development. He examines a pre-divorce period, in-divorce and post-divorce period.” (Kim, 2015)
In a pre-divorce period, it is possible that a child would experience an adverse effect on them and this could or would result in inflated risk and development during and after a marriage conflict. With extreme spousal conflicts before divorce this can have its effects on children. Marriages that have intense conflict between the parents could cause a negative impact on the future development of the child. However, couples that are able to work out their differences the child can experience a more negative impact on them. In addition, when the negative outcomes emerge in the pre-divorce period, it is possible that a positive about face can occur during the in-divorce period. Some consequences of parental divorce can include an elevated risk due to relocation around or during the time of the divorce. This can result in a child visiting another parent on the weekends. The child could be impacted with high emotional distress, economic hardship and the acceptance of making friends at a new school. During the in-divorce period divorced children can show a decline in making or maintaining friendships this can stem from trust issues. “This can also result in difficulties in expressing feelings, opinions and ideas in a pro-social…

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