The Article ' College Women 's Experiences Of Psychological Maltreatment And Sexual Assault '

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The article “College Women’s Experiences of Psychological Maltreatment and Sexual Assault” by Allison C. Aosved, MS and Patricia J. Long, PhD was published in the journal Violence and Victims Volume 20 Number 5 in October 2005. These sociologists are studying the levels of psychological maltreatment in intimate relationships by women with and without sexual assault experiences. They did not say what social theory is being used to answer the research question. Research has been conducted by Testa and Dermen in 1999 and in their research they found that women who were raped due to coercion had more severe child sexual abuse experiences. There was only been two investigations were done to explain the precise relationship between psychological maltreatment and rape. In 2000, Higgins and McCabe found that if one reported one form of maltreatment it is more likely to have many other types as well. Their initial research suggests that sexual assault and psychological maltreatment have a numerous amount of reasons as to why there is a co-occurrence between the two. Coker, smith, McKeown and king found some of these occurrences in 2000. The FBI estimates that one in four women will be sexually assaulted in her lifetime and approximately eighty-four percent of assaults are done by acquaintances. To conduct the research six-hundred and forty-eight women from introductory psychology classes were selected to take part in a questionnaire. Their ages ranged from seventeen to forty-nine…

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