The Art Of Writing Is Not A Skill That Comes Without Practice

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The art of writing is certainly not a skill that comes without practice. For some, articulating their thoughts through words can be a daunting task and for others, it is a piece of cake. However, even the people who turn writing into a career are not perfect writers. Everyone makes mistakes in their writing at some point in their lives. One article that was recently written by Matt Richtel and Conor Dougherty in the technology section of the New York Times titled, “Google’s Driverless Cars Run Into Problem: Cars With Drivers” is a perfect example of how professional writers working for a highly distinguished company could still make improvements to their writing in areas such as organization, effectiveness, and being unbiased. This article introduces the concept of Autonomous cars that are being designed and tested by the Google corporation. They are attempting to create a safe, reliable, and user friendly car that can drive entirely on its own without human intervention. Richtel and Dougherty go into detail about some of the issues that Google has run into during the development of these automobiles and the circumstances behind collisions with other vehicles. They also go over the concerning issues that would most likely arise with wide scale use of this new technology such as vehicle break downs, computer malfunctions, and possibly people who might try to hack into the cars. All in all, the authors do a pretty decent job conveying their purpose in this article. One of…

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