Sun Tzu The Art Of War Summary

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The art of war is a strategdy guide dealing which deals with military, emphasizes the necessity of a state. It also promotes the concept regarding armed citizenry. It’s a matter of life or death, either used to provide safety or to ruin the safety of others. The book was written in China by a man named as Sun Tzu in 4th century. There was no greater war leader and strategist than Chinese military general Sun Tzu. It’s a complete military strategy guide that covers many types of strategy and allows countries to create morally stronger armies. His philosophies on how to be a great leader and ensure you win in work, war, management and life is summed up in 23 pieces of advice. Art of war is his great advice on military success. The book is composed …show more content…
In the 12th centuary Mao Zedong, a communist leader said that the lessons he learned from The Art of War proved to be useful for defeating Chiang Kai-Shek’s nationalist forces when Chinese Civit War started. The war was faught between the nationalist governemnt of China which is also called Kuomintang(KMT) and The Communist Party of China(CPC).
“All warfare is based on deception”(Art of War,chapter
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It is important when youe weak and cannot depend on strength In the above quote the word “deception” according to Sun Tzu means “to surprise’ or “unexpected’. Warfare is all about doing the unexpected things and to surprise the opponent. Sun Tzu taught about knowing the enemy and knowing ourselves. Once an army get to know about opponent then it will be easy to surprise the opponent. Sun Tzu listed out many ways and factors to catch and surprise the enemy unprepared. His factors meant that when an army become capable enough to attack, feign incapacity. When active in moving troops, feign inactivity. When the target is close, one must appear to be distant. When far away from target, make the opponent think that we are near. If your opponent has choleric temper, seek to irritate him. If the enemy is arrogant, try to motivate and encourage his egotism. When opponent thinks he is secure, pepare against him. If the enemy is in comfort zone, break his comfort zone and divide him. If the enemy wants to take rest, give him no rest, keep creating small random attacks it will create uncertainity and keeps the enemy tense. By acting upon above factors a small and nimble army can defeat a larger army. Deception only works when the other side doesn’t realize that it is so. Therefore for deception a great secrecy is needed and even deception about the deception. These strategist’s methods

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