The Art Of Vincent Van Gogh Essay

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Vincent van Gogh is arguably one of the most influential, and well-known post-impressionist artists people in the art world. His aim to capture his mental instability and emotions through his pieces has been adapted to many following movements since. He is quoted to have stated, “I am seeking. I am striving. I am in it with all my heart” (Quotes) a viewer can see this statement in every piece of work through his stark brush-strokes and color palette.
Van Gogh was born second out of six children on March 30, 1853 to a clergyman, Theodorus van Gogh and Anna Cornelia Carbentus in Groot-Zundert, Netherlands ( During his childhood, Vincent displayed neither any indication of mental instability or inclination towards art making. Come 1869, he would become an apprentice for an art dealer firm Goupil & Cie at their headquarters in Paris. Eventually he would move to the branch in Hague where he would work for over a decade. At about this time his depression became apparent. Vincent would leave the firm to turn to God and become a clergyman like his father. It was not until 1880 when his decision was made to pursue both God’s service and art. He would hope “to try and understand the real significance of what the great artists, the master’s, tell us in their masterpieces, the leads us to God; one man wrote or told in a book; another in a picture ”. However, he made virtually no money from his art (Vincent).
By 1884 van Gogh began taking inspiration from French painter…

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