Vandalism In Subway Art

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Henry Chelfant, one of the authors of the book Subway Art, notes that style concept is very specific (Chelfant 29). First of all, it is determined by letters form and how they are connected. According on site “Graffiti: art through vandalism”, there are several different styles of graffiti that are popular today. Pieces is the most common style at the moment. “Pieces are the most elaborate graffiti works, with a more artistic composition. Considered to be an artist 's best work, these are usually colorful and more labor intensive than other forms” (Sanchez). Another style often use by graffiti artist is stencils. Sanchez characterizes this direction as following: “Stencils are one way artists create a potentially complicated piece of art …show more content…
One of the most obvious reasons for this is the assertion of personal or group identity (Bartolomeo). Graffiti generated the desire to leave a mark, to inform about its existence, to express affection. Signs, emphasizing identity, make up a significant part of the inscriptions and drawings. Subcultural symbolism is emotionally filled. As noted by some researchers, identifying graffiti can be full of pride and joy (Sednev 17). Also, many researchers have noted the value of popularity and fame in the graffiti’s subculture. The desire to achieve recognition and respect, especially within the subculture, is realized at the expense of quantity, the visibility of the inscriptions, their durability, and the location, which implies a great …show more content…
Attitude towards graffiti in society has never been straightforward. The criminal low of many countries state that graffiti on buildings and facilities without the permission of the owners is treated as vandalism. Heather Mac Donald, editor of City Journal, states that graffiti “is always vandalism. By definition it is committed without permission on another person 's property, in an adolescent display of entitlement” (Mac Donald). A lot of people will agree with her statement. If someone house would be tagged during the night without permission, it is unlikely to cause an owner delight but the desire to immediately call the police. According to site Graffiti: Art through Vandalism, billions of dollars are spending every year to clean up in the USA, “in 2006 Chicago budgeted $6.5 million while Omaha, Neb.spends about $100,000 annually” (Sanchez). Also, vandalism is usually seen as a quality of life

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