The Art of Negotiation Essay

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Assignment 1: The Art of Negotiation
Kelley Verenysee Gunn
Dr. Deborah Hill
Strayer University
BUS 526
January 27, 2014

This paper will discuss the art of negotiation. The focus will be on the UPS Strike Negotiation of 1997 between UPS and the Teamsters. The negotiation will be briefly described. The issues and interests of the involved parties will be discussed. Ethical behaviors will be analyzed. Proposals for distributive and integrative negotiations are developed for the conflict between the parties involved.

1. Briefly describe the selected negotiation.
The Teamster’s UPS Strike of 1997 was one of the largest strikes in the U.S., disrupting the delivery of
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They offered lower wage increases than in the past with no raises to help close the gap between the part-time and full-time workers (UPS Contract Proposals, March 27, 1997).
The issues of the Teamsters were force UPS to create full-time jobs for part-timers. They wanted to also secure more opportunities for growth for the workers by keeping UPS from outsourcing jobs during the businesses peaks times.
The interest of UPS focused on maintaining a functional facility using part-time workers in a full-time capacity with minimal opportunity for growth and benefits. The interest of the Teamsters focused more on forcing UPS to make improvements that would give their members the job security, opportunities, safety and standard of living the they deserved (Teamsters UPS Update, May 30, 1997).
3. Analyze the ethical behavior or tactics that are being used in the negotiation. Determine the effect they might have on the outcome of the negotiation.
The actions of UPS during this negotiation were definitely ethically questionable. Simply believing that they could continue to exploit their employees by not allowing them the opportunity to growth or to be promoted was a denial of their rights to live comfortably. They were denying them the rights to achieve a better lifestyle for their families. The Teamsters rallied members to aid in their fight for justice to protect the rights of the employees that UPS was continuing to exploit for their own personal gain.

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