The Art of Motivation Essay

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The Art of Motivation: It’s Affects and Applications
Part I. Definition and Importance of Motivation Before delving into the topics of motivational theories, the affects of motivation, and motivational tools, etc., it is important to first define motivation and explain why the subject of motivation is so important in the organizational setting today.
Motivation Defined The topic of motivation is not something new. For decades, scholars, researchers, theorists, psychologists, and organizational leaders have studied this phenomenon which has produced (quite possibly) hundreds of definitions of motivation. The following three definitions are cited to provide insight into the meaning of motivation. • Motivation is how
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Maslow’s Needs Hierarchy Theory The basis of Maslow's Needs Hierarchy Theory of Motivation is that human beings are motivated by unsatisfied needs, and that certain lower needs need to be satisfied before higher needs can be addressed. Per the teachings of Abraham Maslow, there are general needs (physiological, safety, love, and esteem) that have to be fulfilled before a person is able to act unselfishly. These needs have been dubbed "deficiency needs." While a person is motivated to fulfill these basic desires, they continue to move toward growth, and eventually self-actualization (Petri and McGovern).
As a result, for adequate workplace motivation, it is important that leadership understands which needs are active for individual employee motivation. In this regard, Abraham Maslow's model indicates that basic, low-level needs such as physiological requirements and safety must be satisfied before higher-level needs such as self-fulfillment are pursued. As depicted in this hierarchical diagram, sometimes called “Maslow's Needs Pyramid” or “Maslow's Needs Triangle”, when a need is satisfied it no longer motivates and the next higher need takes its place. While Maslow’s hierarchy model makes sense intuitively, there is little evidence to support its

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