The Art Of Magazine Advertising Essay

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Defiance The art of magazine advertising is vital to the success of many companies. Although the strategy varies between magazines, ads, and companies advertising, many of the same central ideas are incorporated in every magazine ad. Most importantly, the ad must be appealing to the eye. The right target audience should be taken in to consideration in order to draw in the target demographic. Health and beauty advertisements focus on being visually appealing to help draw in people looking to become more attractive, themselves. In the December 2014 issue of Glamour magazine, Juvederm applied this advertisement strategy in hopes of attracting more customers. Through allusion to the story of Adam and Eve in many different ways, as well as the focus on being visually appealing, Juvederm’s injectable gel was marketed in a very clever way. The ad in Glamour magazine shows a medium skin and hair-colored, late middle-aged, woman on one side of the paper. She is dressed in all white clothing, and seems to have a very natural look to her makeup style. There is an apple floating above her left hand, which is showing a ring on her ring finger. In addition to the woman, there are a few other green apples scattered in the air around her. The background is light in color, but blurred and to the right of the women there is about a paragraph of text. The significant part of the text reads, “Defy Gravity,” then below, “A more youthful profile starts with the apples of your cheeks.” Below…

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