The Art Of Leadership : An Essential Requirement For Effective Leadership

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The Art of Leadership describes a vision as “a positive and future-focused image of what could and should be that focuses and energizes people; an essential requirement for effective leadership. A successful vision is leader-initiated, shared and supported by followers, comprehensive and detailed, and uplifting and inspiring” (Manning& Curtis, 2012, p.491). An organization had a vision for a new product that would place a huge emphasis on a wholesome image (Finkelstein, 2003, p.79-80). The organization worked on energizing people to get behind their brand and building a group of followers. Later, competitors became a major competitive force to the organizations product.
II. “Onliness is the true test of a zag. If you can’t say you’re the “only”, go back and start over” (Neumeier, 2007, p.65). “Brand alignment is the practice of linking your business strategy to customer experience-aligning all your company behaviors behind a clearly articulated zag” (Neumeier, 2007, p.72). The organization was too caught to past success of other brands to notice they had to create a whole new zag for this product.
III. The CEO will be responsible for unlinking the new product from previous products within the organization. The marketing department will be responsible for creating a new image and marketing tactics for the new product to separate it from past products.
IV. The CEO will begin to cultivate a new mindset within the organizations. Although they have had huge success with other…

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