The “Art” of Comfort Theory and Its Visual Representation Essay

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The “Art” of Comfort Theory and Its Visual Representation
Jessica Doronila
New Jersey City University

The “Art” of Comfort Theory and Its Visual Representation
The art of nursing is the intentional creative use of oneself, based upon skill and expertise, to transmit emotion and meaning to another. It is a process that is subjective and requires interpretation, sensitivity, imagination, and active participation (Rodgers, B.L., 2006). To find a work of art that reflects a nursing theory is relatively a complex task. Nursing theory can be indistinguishable from one’s own perspective. Art can be defined as a diverse range of human activities and the products of those activities usually involving imaginative or technical skill
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The woman found the need to step in as a necessity of protection. This child needs comfort and safety on many different levels. In the secure pair of arms he needs not to be afraid. The woman is there to comfort him. In return she also feels a sense of comfort, ease and peace that he is with her at that moment. With the child compromised and having no control over the situation at hand, the motherly instinct shows itself. She holds him close to her heart so he is comforted with every beat. The way she embraces him and the positioning of her arms corresponds with his body language of relief. As the chair rocks back and forth and he cuddles closer it subconsciously brings him back to the sensation of feeling safe like when in the womb. Her facial expression is soft with a feeling of love and content because she has met his needs. And even if it is just for that moment, he has no worries. The artist chose black and white to represent the underlying situation. It suggests that the moment was not joyous and vibrant but instead solemn and somber. Behind the child it is a darker shade of grey as to represent that the problem stems from him. As the colors begin to blend there is a lighter shade that is just over the woman and child. The gray areas signify no sense of what the future holds for him but for that moment without any hint of disturbance they are whole, comforted and secure. The woman holds her glasses in her hand because of fear that they would fall onto him and

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