The Art Of Advertising : Dre Hear What You Want Commercial Essay example

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The Art of Advertising

Many of us won’t believe it at first, but we rarely notice how we view commercials more than anything else on a daily basis. It could be a commercial on television, some ad on your phone that keeps popping up when you are scrolling down social media applications, or just simply word of mouth from friends telling you of the cutest sweater from your favorite store that went on sale 2 days ago. These are signs of a successful advertising campaign from companies that is trying to sell its product to us. To perfect the art of advertising, you generally need to have a single appeal or different variations of appeals to persuade the consumer in buying your product. Beats By Dre, Axe and Proactive use these strategies well in their advertising and have one thing in common. If you have an effective commercial, then your audience and revenue increases.

In the “Beats By Dre Hear What You Want Commercial”, the Beats By Dre company uses a blend of endorsement, music and play on words appeals to advertise their pair of headphones. It has sports athlete Colin Kaepernick arriving at the opposing team’s stadium and their fans are ready to verbally trash him, however he calmly puts on his headphones, zones out the noise and goes through the hostile crowd without problems. With NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick wearing the headphones for the majority of this commercial, it brings the attention to consumers that with the consent of one of my favorite sports athletes I…

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