Essay about The Art Museum Of Art

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During my visit to the art museum I saw a lot of styles of art that I hadn’t experienced before. From glass and paintings to sculptures and photography there was quite a bit to take in. I enjoyed my trip to the Vero Beach Museum of Art much more so then I expected. Seeing all of the different pieces of art in person really seemed to intensify the experience of critiquing art in a different way than I had experienced just viewing pictures of art in class or at home. Some of the pieces really affected my mood and would grab my attention and leave me in thought for 10-15 minutes before I had felt ready to walk to the next area, it was something I hadn’t experienced and didn’t expect to experience when originally taking this course.
I saw a lot of art during my trip to the museum but the few pieces that stood out to me were all pieces that had a strong mood and feel to the them that was strong enough to affect my own mood while viewing. The first piece I want to talk about is a piece by Janet Fish called Orange Poppies/Fish Bowl it was painted in 2008 and is a 50 x 60 inches painting. To start off the piece is very beautiful and the bright orange color of the poppies draw all of your attention immediately, I think this combined with the overall bright theme of the piece is what made me enjoy this piece the most because it had a strong effect on my mood the day I went into the museum. As I spent time looking at the piece it made me feel happy and I suppose it was the bright…

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