Essay on The Art During The Renaissance

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The art during the Renaissance and “High Renaissance” was the start to break away from art being made for religious purposes. However, that is not to say that all art during that period was non-religious art. German artist, Lucas Cranach, was still very involved the painting of religious pieces that told stories from the Bible. “A Portrait of a Lady of the Saxon Court as Judith With the Head of Holofernes”, tells the story of Judith going into the tent of Holofernes and seducing him while he drinks and eventually decapitates him after he falls asleep. During the Renaissance period the depiction of women was a very sexualized and were meant to be paintings that suggested seduction and lust. However, the painting of Judith is the opposite and is an extremely powerful painting for women in its time.
Lucas Cranach was the painter for Frederick the Wise of Saxony in Germany during the Renaissance period. The mediums he used were, “woodcuts, painted altarpieces, and portraits,” (Art: A Brief History, 359). Cranach was a German artist during the time of the Italian renaissance and often has his work compared to Titian because of the women in his work; his “Nymph of the Spring” is constantly compared to Titians “Venus of Umbrio” because of the subject matter. Both are paintings of women, but both evoke different feelings for the viewer, “unlike other artist working for Protestant patrons, many of whom looked on earthly beautify sinful vanity, Cranach seems delighted by earthly…

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