The Army 's Official Birthday Essay example

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The Army has had a very strong and bold image for years and it continues to build upon that image every day. Every time someone joins the army, it becomes a bigger and more powerful force in the world. Also the more it is capable to protect the people that can protect themselves. The Army’s official birthday is June 14, 1775( This means that the Army has been protecting the United States for about 240 years. It has held a strong force in every major conflict the U.S has been a part of. These conflicts are world war one and two, Vietnam, and the Middle East
Although the Army has many types’ helicopters and other air bases operations; it is mostly a land-based force. During peacetimes the army slows the number of people it takes. For the time being they are taking as many people as they can to make a stand to the rest of the world. They are doing this because many people are trying to intimidate the United States.
If you want to lead other soldiers right after college you will want to become a commissioned officer. As a commissioned officer you will be responsible for leading and training other enlisted soldiers. If you go to college then you are eligible to become an officer. You can also become an officer if you attend the Army’s academy. This academy is called West Point, and it is like a basic training and a four-year college put together. To be accepted into West Point you must be appointed by someone in…

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