The Arms Of The Angel Essay

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In the Arms of the Angel
When a person is affected emotionally by something, these feelings cause them to act drastically beyond their own judgement. One example of this would be the bond between man and animal. A human would go out of their way to provide loyalty, happiness, and care for their pets. With this being said, seeing an animal hurt or in inadequate conditions could cause a person to feel sympathetic for the animal. The British Columbia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is an organization that feels the same and would do anything in its power to help an animal in need. The society takes steps toward this goal by developing a campaign in order to support animals in need. Although the celebrity endorser is insignificant, the “BCSPCA Animal Abuse Commercial” effectively convinces its audience to support unloved and hurting animals with a strong use of emotional influence and persuasive information provided.
The BCSPCA commercial works to encourage its audience to donate their money to the company in order to help innocent, abused animals. The commercial provides a series of facts regarding animal abuse to trigger a viewer’s emotions. Visual images are shown of abused, yet still adorable, animals living in a shelter to catch an audience’s attention and draw them in. The commercial ends with a celebrity and company supporter, Sarah McLachlan, explaining the company’s need for money and the effects that donations would have for the animals living in the…

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