Essay about The Armenian Holocaust

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The Armenian Holocaust was a time of pure and utter despair, it was a brutal genocide that killed approximately 1.5 million people. It took place in the Ottoman Empire; the Turkish Armenians wanted to make the empire thoroughly Turkish and they especially wanted to get the Christian Armenians out of the empire. As a result, there were massacres and deportations that ended in many deaths of horrific exterminations. The exterminations consisted of torturing, enslavement, and deportations with no food or water to go along, all in order to “cleanse” the Turkish nation.
The Ottoman Empire has been known for being very powerful in the past. Although it had declined in power when Sultan Abdul Hamid was removed from the throne, he was the Sultan for many years but was voted out by citizens who wanted to have a return of constitutional rule. The constitutional rule was a rule that restored the Ottoman constitution. As the empire was declining, they decided that it would be best to subjugate all social groups who were not Turkish or Muslim which was the main reason the holocaust bagan. Eventually, the Armenians wanted democratic reformation and civil rights within their religion. Their efforts failed and the Ottomans rejected and began massacring Armenians. The Ottoman massacre was only the first to begin, and it was only followed by more massacres and many more deaths throughout the time period.
The Government had a large impact on the beginning of the Armenian Holocaust. There were…

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