The Armenian Genocide Essay

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The Armenian Genocide is acknowledged by most scholars as one of the first genocides of the modern era. The events that unfolded in the Ottoman Empire during World War I killed an estimated 1.5 million Armenians. These events were an extension of a persecution that extended from the 1500s and was an accumulation of massacres that started in the 1890s.The deaths also extended to the mass killings of Assyrians and Greeks whom resided in the Ottoman Empire. Despite these atrocities, the Ottoman Empire’s successor state of Turkey’s denial of the usage of the term genocide in describing the massacre of millions of Armenians had long term effects such as the allowance of future mass killings such as the Holocaust of the 1930s and the ISIS murders of the 2010s; the loss of wealth, property and security of many affected families; and the disappearance of Armenian culture and language.
The relationship between the Armenians and the Ottomans had slowly deteriorated over time until the catalyst events of Van in 1915. Prior to these events, the Ottomans discriminated the Armenians in the millet system, which categorized peoples in a category according to race, religion or other defining features. The large majority of Armenians considered themselves Apostolic Christians, but some did classify themselves as Protestant or Catholics. However, any Christian was considered 2nd class in the Ottoman Empire, despite efforts by the government to promote religious equality. One such effort was…

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