The Armenian And The Jewish Holocaust Essay

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The Armenian Genocide and the Jewish Holocaust were two of the biggest tragedies of the 20th century. These genocides just over a decade apart resulted in millions of people losing their lives and millions being displaced. Throughout history one of the biggest questions has always been how could have this happened. In 1909, after the rise of the Young Turks, Armenians were celebrating that they would finally be equal to the Turkish citizens in the Ottoman Empire; however, the rise of the Young Turks would eventually lead to the persecution and genocide of the Armenians (Peter Balakian 241-242). After the Jewish Holocaust, many German Jews would go on to express their disbelief and write “’we were so German,’ ‘we were so assimilated’” (Marion A. Kaplan 579). The stories of the victims and survivors reveal the darkest parts of humanity. This essay, through different forms of literature will explore the experiences of women during both genocides and establish similarities and differences. Throughout both genocides women had to stand strong and support their families as they were often separated from the men. Ida Fink tells the story of a Jewish family with a young child whose livelihood depended on the child’s ability to lie. Every night after dinner the family plays “The Key Game”. The mother pretends as if she is not home and the doorbell rings, the child then starts running around pretending to look for a key while his father hides. After opening the door the child has to…

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