The Argument's Confucius: The Analects

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Confucius was a Chinese philosopher who envisioned a great plan to restore order back to all of China. He wrote a book Confucius: The Analects, to tell about the order and peace he hoped to bring back to China. His teachings were published into a book by his students after his death. He believed in loving others and self-discipline rather than enforcing laws and punishments. He believed that with his new plan that he could restore China, and bring back order to it. Confucius wanted social order by virtue and positive character traits. By leading the Chinese order back to its full power and structure he hoped to turn the people back around and to educate them. To him government and morality went hand in hand. Each man however, was responsible for his own duties to the hierarchy. They depended on each other. He said the “Good government obtains when those who are near are made happy, and those who are near are made happy, and those who are far off are attracted”. He wanted the people of China to be happy and virtuous in order for the government to function …show more content…
Rulers in the past, had been cruel to people and their slaves. He did not believe in this harsh treatment. He wanted harmony and peace among men and the universe. The kings and rulers should reflect this peace and harmony. He said regarding this that “If a truly royal ruler were to arise, it would still require a generation, and generation, and then virtue would prevail”. A ruler that practiced the Confucian virtues should govern as an influential fatherly force. In addition to how rulers should behave, Confusion believed that good rulers should maintain order by showing the people honor and respect. A good ruler or king must have virtue before they can deserve to rule. Emperors should keep taxes low, administer justice, and provide for the material needs of the

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