The Arguments Against Ban On Tobacco Advertising Essay

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The arguments in favor of the ban on tobacco advertising in India are as follows. That it was not an out of the ordinary ban compared with other countries. France, Finland, Norway and Belgium all had bans and in all these countries the bans were ruled as constitutional. That there were bans on other products deemed to be dangerous such as firearms and pharmaceuticals. That advertising was the major factor that lead young people to first try tobacco and get them hooked and that the ban on advertising of tobacco products did indeed greatly reduce the use of the product in countries where it was effectively enforced and used as part of a comprehensive tobacco control policy.

Here are the arguments presented against the ban on tobacco advertising in India. It’s opponents stated that the state was behaving like big brother or a “nanny” and was depriving the consumer of choice and limiting their freedom. Next is the claim made by tobacco companies that they are not selling a product but rather allowing the consumer to choose amongst a number of brands marketed. The companies stated that the advertising was geared at people who already smoked and not non smokers. Tobacco companies also said that young people were not a target audience for their advertising. Another claim made by the tobacco companies was that an advertising ban would have no influence on the sale of the product but only limit the consumer 's ability to select from the different qualities of tobacco…

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