Essay on The Argument That Children Learn And Develop

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This essay will lend evidence to the argument that children learn and develop in many different ways. I will explore implications for child development in relation to two tasks, an elicitation and a non-participant observation. To explore the potential of this, I have explored literature and relevant studies to support the analysis of my findings. I will refer to and recognise indicators in relation to current statutory frameworks of the Early Years Foundation stage, (EYFS 2014) and Development Matters. (Reference.) The aim of this paper is to improve my pedagogical knowledge on how children learn and develop, however, it is important for me to realise that as a practitioner, I am also a theorist. This is because my work as a teacher will involve observing children in my class. Elicitations and observations are a vital part of understanding children and this is why it is a statuary requirement in the EYFS. Careful analysis of what I have seen will help me draw my own conclusion about how I can promote children’s learning. Thus concluding, that I will draw on what I have learnt from the work of other theorists and research in order to create my own ideas.

The context of my early years placement is in a Bristol pre-school in a reception class of thirty children. Confidentiality and anonymity is a key ethical tension that needed to be addressed during my work. I had to ensure that the findings could not be relatable to individuals, (Christensen, 2004). I was conscious that I…

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