The Argument On Being An Atheist Essays

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Throughout history many questions are brought up on the fact is there really a God? This question has been heavily debated by theists and atheists. Many atheists are firm on the fact if there is a God on what proofs do you have on affirming your beliefs? One well know atheists, by the name of H. J. McCloskey published an article entitle, “On Being an Atheist,” on February of 1968, in the journal Question One. In the article that McCloskey written, he tries to validate his points that it is more logical to be an atheist instead of believing that there is a God. McCloskey debate this topic from an atheistic perspective, and argued against the major arguments known as the cosmological argument, the teleological argument, and the argument from design. In addition, he speaks on the problem of evil. Subsequently, one major problem that theists runs into is the problem of evil and suffering. The remarks that atheist make are, how can a perfectly good, all-knowing, and all-powerful being, were he to exist, allow evil and suffering occur? Some of the points that McCloskey makes are somewhat valuable, however, they still don’t confirm to be true that God does not exist. It is interesting to note what McCloskey states, “That most theists do not come to believe in God as a result of reflecting on the proofs, but some come to religion as a result of other reasons and factors” (McCloskey, 62). From a theistic point of view, faith plays a major role. However, in this…

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