Essay about The Argument Of Vaccination Subject For Such Great Debate

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“Should you or shouldn’t you vaccinate” is a question that a lot of parents are asking today. However, the real question is, why is the argument of vaccination subject for such great debate? The prevalence of rather or not to vaccinate can be found from; television, radio, and schools. Whereas, it is not illegal not to vaccinate, it can save the lives of those that are vaccinated and the lives of those they come in contact with. Choosing not to vaccinate is negligent; it impacts not only the unvaccinated individual, but society well. The Ideology of vaccinating is based upon religion, philosophical views, and decade old research.
In America, not only do people have the freedoms of speech and religion, they also have the freedom to determine whether or not to vaccinate themselves and/or their children. However, with freedom comes responsibilities. When those rights are exercise, one takes on the responsibility of being held accountable for the ramifications of their actions. Under the Torts Liability act a person cannot be held legally responsible, by a stranger, for not vaccinating themselves or their children, but can be held legally responsible for causing harm to others. Furthermore, a parent can be held legally accountable by their own children. It is a parents legal responsible to care for their children and protect them from harm and if a child feels as though their parents have not acted in their best interest it can be considered a medical neglect. (Shots of…

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