Essay about The Argument Of Strong Affirmative Action

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The Argument of Strong Affirmative Action Between Hettinger and Pojman
After the era of the Civil Rights Movement swept how people think, Americans and business have tried to find ways in order to help promote diversity and equality into establishments such as the workforce and higher education. One of the ways that America has decided to do this is by promoting affirmative Action. Affirmative action a policy favoring those who tend to suffer from discrimination, also know as positive discrimination. We encounter two authors that both seem to have different opinions on the view of affirmative action. Edwin C. Hettinger is on the side calling affirmative action “reverse racism” itself suggests that it is discrimination: discrimination towards white people. Hettinger tends to argue the fact that if a white male were more qualified than an African American female, then why would you still hire the African American female if she were less qualified. He believes that the person who is the most qualified has the right to the job, even though it might just be a white male. Choosing the white male would not be racism towards the minority candidate for the job since he is the most qualified and will benefit the company. One the other hand, we have Louis P. Pojman, who is a believer in affirmative action. His justification for affirmative action is that it is needed in order to restore all the damage that has been done in the past during the Civil Rights movement and the Civil War. He…

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