The Argument Of Doctor Assisted Suicide Essay

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Doctor assisted suicide is a huge controversy around the world. Only five countries and five states explicitly allow for doctor assisted suicide to go completely unpunished. Doctor assisted suicide is suicide by the patient with medication or information provided by a doctor who has knowledge of the patient’s intent. This is different from euthanasia because the doctor is not actually performing the act, just providing the means and knowledge to do so. There are many arguments for and against doctor assisted suicide that use rhetorical appeals to further their argument. Many of these rhetorical appeals are ethos and especially pathos. The following paragraphs will analyse the use of ethos and pathos by Death with Dignity and Not Dead Yet. Death with dignity is an organization that helps terminally ill patients end their lives without government interference. They promote Death with Dignity laws all around the country, provide information, education, and support, and helps with legal defense in legislation. Oregon, Washington, California and Vermont are the only states that have Death with Dignity laws. Oregon was the first state to pass the law in 1994, then Washington state in 2008, Vermont in 2013, and finally California in 2016. There are certain requirements you have to meet in order to qualify for doctor assisted suicide. People are eligible if they are a resident of one of the states where the dying with dignity laws are legal, are 18 years or older, are mentally…

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