The Argument Of Certainty

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Today`s society persuaded the majority of American to believe that if you are certain in an idea or scenario than nothing can deactivate it, which is a valuable concept. To believe in yourself can truly push people to new heights to do things never considered before. In the case of the Wright Brothers, their predecessors could not fathom the idea of man being able to fly, however Wilbur and Orville were certain they could find a way, and they did. A healthy amount of doubt is a good quality and should not be ignored. However,to be utterly and completely certain about everyting is to be naive. Nothing is ever said to be certain, for instance in 1929 when the American economy plummeted into the Great Depression some people were certain that …show more content…
To grow into adulthood an understanding should be made that certainties are made for the individual such as I am certain that I was not made for the medical field or that I know my family will always support me. These are not certainties that every human has or believes in. Doubt makes an individual consider alternatives, to know that certainties vary to person to person. Isaac Newton made certain of gravity through years of experiments and data collection, without any of his data gravity would have only been his own certainty, but because he used experiments and through his ethos the rest of the world believed his theory to be certain. Society desires a balance between doubt and certainty to keep us all in check, to have our own societal checks and balances. A well renowned director once explained that he “devoted [his] life to uncertainty. Certainty is the death of wisdom, thought, [and] creativity.” (Shekhar Kapur), he believes that certainty takes away our ability to reason and learn. If a society becomes too certain than nothing new can be learned or taught, the utopian society is made of drones lacking their individualities. Is that our desired

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