Essay about The Argument Of A Defense Of Abortion

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‘A Defense of Abortion’
Abortion is sometimes permitted
In this paper, I will give a fairly detailed description of Judith Thomson’s main arguments for abortion from her paper ‘A defense of abortion’. In particular I will take a closer look at her argument that abortion is sometimes permitted. Following this will be the reasons adoption is permitted ; which are as follows are rape, threat to mothers life/health problems (endangered mothers life) and an attempt to prevent pregnancy. I agree with Thomson on her reasons on why abortion should be permitted but also in general, abortion is abortion and I do not exactly understand why there is a restriction. In my opinion, abortion is generally accepted (ignoring Thomson’s argument ) as long as the baby is about two - three weeks old and that way, it is safe enough to have an abortion because the woman and her partner (in some cases) are not fully capable of keeping the baby.
Firstly, If a woman is raped and eventually gets pregnant, it would be difficult for majority of these women to raise the child because they are filled with anger from the memory of being raped and life would most likely be really tough for them. Thomson states in her article “a defense of abortion” that the right to live does not include the right to make use of foreign body even if this means having the fetus aborted (Thomson 59-61). Therefore in terms of rape, it is best to live it up to the pregnant lady to decide if she wants an abortion or not because…

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