The Argument Is Good Or Bad? Essay

1725 Words Feb 4th, 2016 null Page
The idea of an advertisement is to make a quick and easy argument using pictures and texts that link together. When someone questions what an argument is? The idea of a verbal or written argument is the first thought that comes to mind. There are several types of arguments, the two most important ones being inductive and deductive reasoning. Inductive reasoning refers to drawing a conclusion based on examples. Where deductive reasoning is drawing a conclusion based on probability. Both examples of reasoning’s are imperative when deciding whether an argument is good or bad. The Greek philosopher Aristotle created the Aristotelian rhetoric theory that consisted of three important elements in an arguer’s ability to persuade the audience to accept a claim. Ethos being the writers credibility, Pathos is appeal to emotions, and logos refers to the logic of an argument that being the evidence that supports the writers claim. There are tons of advertisements in the world we live in from pop up ads on our computer to ads on bus stops and top of billboards. You name the place and ads are there. How powerful are these ads? Only viewers of the ad can answer that question. BMW and AT&T are both promoters of “Do not use your phones while driving” through their own unique advertisements. In examining the ads, one can assume the ads are targeting distracted drivers while attempting to support safe driving. Safe driving ads depend highly on Aristotle’s theory of ethos, pathos, and logos.…

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