Essay on The Argument For Tougher Gun Control Laws

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Times have changed in what is now called modern America, and the constitutional interpretation of the Second Amendment that was drafted in 1789, has always been a prickly subject, especially with the shockingly high incidents of gun-involved transgressions. Stricter gun control laws and licensing will not save lives; Americans have a constitutional right to own handguns (Barrett). The plea for tougher gun control laws continuously moves to the forefront when tragedy strikes, for example, Susan Milligan, a political and foreign affairs writer, reminds her readers of an instance when a twelve year old boy in New Mexico, took a shotgun to school in a musical instrument case and shot two of his classmates. He came from a family of hunters, not criminals, and this child had easy access to a gun and utilized it against his fellow classmates. Milligan also pointed out another serious catastrophe where an individual in Indiana opened fire in a grocery store with a semi-automatic weapon, killing two people before the police shot and killed him. Was this man a criminal or troubled person before this heinous act? Either way, he is dead and cannot give the reasoning behind this tragedy (Milligan).

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The United States has the highest rate of civilian gun ownership in the world with most Americans owning two or three guns each. With that said, the guns that are owned in today’s modern world are not the same ones used when the Second Amendment was drafted. History shows the…

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