The Argument For The Hpv Vaccination Essay

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1. Evaluate the strength of the arguments presented in your group discussion. What did you find compelling? What did not work for you?
My group members and I held strong arguments in our respective positions (for, against and neutral). The argument for the HPV vaccines highlighted the important of early prevention. They talked the fact that children may engage in sexual activities before expected. They supported their claims using the sources from one of the assigned reading. one of them stated that many children engage in sexual activities at age of 11. Moreover, parents who are afraid that the vaccine might encouraging to have sex, do not have to tell their children the purpose of the vaccine. The argument against the vaccine mainly focused on the fact that boys are not required to get the vaccine. They argued that it is pointless to only vaccine girls because boys could transmit the virus. Most of the arguments were intriguing, however the advocates for the vaccine seemed more passionate than those against it. One thing that did not work, it was difficult for neutral advocates to remain neutral.
2. What side of the argument were you assigned? Did that perspective match your personal perspective on HPV vaccination? If you were assigned the neutral perspective, were you actually able to stay neutral or did you have some preconceived notions? Explain.
I was assigned the neutral side along with another group member. No, the perspective did not match my perspective on HPV…

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