The Argument For The Existence Of God Essay

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When it comes to the existence of God, there are many arguments. Some say that God does not exist while others try to explain how the universe was created. Saint Thomas Aquinas gives a cosmological view on whether God exists. In his article, Whether God Exists, he provides five arguments to support his view. The first article talks about motion. Just like the Myth of the Cave the prisoners used their senses to survive on a daily basis. Your senses prove that things are in motion. This shows the difference between potential and actual motion. One wants to know how something can move on its own. For example, a ball rolling down a hill. How does anything move on its own without something causing it to move? Is God moving it? Can God also be motion? The answer is such “anything should be both moved and mover, or should it move itself” (Saint Thomas Aquinas, 1911). The second argument is efficient causes. Nothing exists before it is itself; something was created originally. Where there is a cause, there is an effect. But if the efficient cause does not exist, there will be no results. The first efficient cause would be the name of God. If the cause goes into the past to infinity, nothing would exist in the world at this time. If the first cause does not happen, there would be on sequels to any event. The third argument is possibility and necessity. There will always be two types of objects. We have to look at everything like a contingent being; unable to exist without a…

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