Essay about The Argument Against The Abortion Debate

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Abortion is one of the most volatile issues surrounding social and political discussion of our day. Both sides of the debate throw out facts but fail to make proper dialogue in order to better understand their opponent’s stance. The failure to listen and quickness to judge has left many bystanders of the argument confounded or many have chosen sides based on silly ideas like “I don’t want to kill babies” or “conservatives do not care about women”.
The argument in the abortion debate is the mother has a right to choose The argument in the abortion debate boils down to the question that if a fetus is a person or not. The “pro-lifer” argues that a fetus is a person and thus it is immoral to kill a person and take away their right to life. Also, they argue that human life begins at conception which is why they
The question of personhood of a fetus seems to be answered by Mary Ann warren as she gives guidelines which define personhood. According to the guidelines, the fetus seems to lack a personhood which encompass having a capacity to reason
Don Marquis, the author of “An argument that abortion is wrong” presents a theory called “FLO – Future Like Ours”. With this theory, he says that everyone has a future which entails “a set of experiences, projects, activities, and such which are identical with the futures of adult human beings and are identical with the futures of young children”. The argument of personhood of the fetus is greatly minimized in this theory because the…

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